Ed DeMeulle, President, DIAI Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

Ed DeMuelle is the owner of DIAI Insurance Brokerage, based in Huntington Beach, California. He discusses how the Nexsure Insurance Platform has helped his agency become more productive in managing client data and facilitating claims management.

Can you tell us about yourself and your company?

My name is Ed DeMeulle. I’m with DIAI Insurance Brokerage. We’re based in Huntington Beach, California. Been in business since 1972. The agency was originally started by my father, and we took over the agency in 2007.

Can you tell us about how your agency uses the Nexsure Insurance Platform?

We use the Nexsure Insurance Platform extensively from top to bottom. We switched to the Nexsure Insurance Platform because we thought it was more reflective of the way we do business. They seem to have more intuition on the kind of things that they can add, the features they can include, that make us a lot more productive, where our prior systems seem to be more focused on accountability.

Can you tell us about working with the XDTI Team?

We’ve had a great experience working with the XDTI team. We consider them to be personal friends on many levels. We’ve been members of the Nexsure User Group since the very beginnings. We believe strongly in user groups in order to help direct the development that goes on with the product. I did join the Nexsure User Group board a few months ago, and so I’ve been helping them in the enhancement requests area.