Episode 01: Derek Thomas, Galway Holdings

We have launched our new podcast, Conversations with XDTI

XDimensional Technologies has launched a new podcast, Conversations with XDTI. On the podcast episodes, Members of the XDTI Team will have real conversations with great minds who are helping to change and advance the insurance industry. The first episode is now live. View it here.

On the first episode of Conversations with XDTI, Lani Cathey, CEO of XDTI, is joined by Derek Thomas, Chief Strategy Officer at Galway Holdings. In his role as Galway Holdings Chief Strategy Officer, Derek is responsible for driving innovation, strategy development, transformation, and the execution of Galway Holdings ecosystem multi-year business plans and enterprise value-enhancing strategic initiatives. During the podcast, Lani and Derek discuss how Galway drove business and digital transformation into its small commercial business to optimize profitability and organic growth and how their playbook for change can apply to others in the industry.