Jay Byrnes, Owner of Byrnes Agency
In this video, Jay Byrnes, Owner of the Byrnes Agency, discusses how his agency uses the Nexsure Insurance Platform to transact business for their clients across personal and commercial lines.

Can you tell us about yourself and your company?

I’m Jay Byrnes from the Byrnes Agency. We are in the northeastern part of Connecticut, a very small rural part of our state; it’s a beautiful place to live. I’m a lifelong resident.

My grandfather founded the firm in 1932 by my grandfather, and then my dad joined the firm after serving his country in World War II in Korea. And then it was decided, I worked it out with my parents, and I became a third-generation owner, which I’m very proud of. We have 30 people that work at our offices. We have two offices, one in Norwich and one in Dayville. About half our business is personal lines; the other half is small, medium-size commercial with very little bias on financial services.

Can you tell us about how your agency uses the Nexsure Insurance Platform?

We’ve had the Nexsure Insurance Platform for many years; it’s got to be close to 14 years. We’re very excited about the capabilities that we’ve been able to harness. Again, we’re personal lines, small commercial lines operations, so we’re a retail agency; so we use it to transact the business with our clients. Give them the ID cards, certificates of insurance, file with claims, and so forth, and then we try to roll in, really, all the capabilities that we can within Nexsure.

We use the Nexsure Insurance Platform as a clearinghouse for all our transactions with our clients. So we use it to warehouse the information about them, documents that we may acquire during the sales and service process; our accounting is all handled within the Nexsure system. So we’ve tried to consolidate all of the various systems that a small business needs to operate. In our case, we’re a small business, but we also service insurance clients, so we use the Nexsure system as really a facilitator to hopefully give them that great customer service experience while supporting our hardworking staff with tools to execute that problem.

How has the Nexsure Insurance Platform helped your business?

I think Nexsure has helped our business grow and grow efficiently, but we all know how difficult and how competitive the insurance industry is, so we need to be innovative in how we interact with our clients. And that starts with how we warehouse their information and how we can respond to their needs and inquiries, and, quite frankly, how to execute on new sales opportunities. So, by harnessing the power of automation, we’ve been able to expand our business and deliver that great customer experience.

Can you tell us how your agency uses PL Rater with the Nexsure Insurance Platform?

We use the PL rater in many different ways in integrating it with Nexsure, but it comes down to saving time in that battle of clicks. So we found in the past that the customer buying habits were centered around their renewals, but it’s really changed now, and it’s life changes that are now prompting them to call us; whether it’s a request to remarket because they bought a new vehicle, or they’ve added employees, so they need EPLI or work comps so now we need to go to market again. So on the personal lines, it’s great with the integration with PL rater that we have that information and that can flow through, and we can change the attributes of the risk and get a return rate, and maybe satisfy that customer’s need; more importantly, retain that customer and sell more business.

Can you tell us about working with the XDTI Team?

Working with the XDimensional team has been a great journey. Fine folks. We’re excited about the new team, but we’re equally excited about the continuity of the core team that we’ve known and worked with in the past.