Jorge Gonzalez, President for FalconSure Insurance Agency

Jorge Gonzalez, President, FalconSure Insurance Agency, discusses his agency’s use of the Nexsure Insurance Platform.

Can you tell us about yourself and your company?

My name is Jorge Gonzalez, and I’m the President of Falcon Insurance Agency out of Laredo, Texas. We’re owned by Falcon Bank, have 19 branches, and I’ve been in insurance since 1983. I’ve been running the insurance agency for the last ten years.

I’ve been using Nexsure for the last four years. We were with a previous company, a larger company that I was with for ten years, and they didn’t have any of the capabilities that Nexsure has.

Can you tell us about how your agency uses the Nexsure Insurance Platform?

Our agency uses the Nexsure insurance platform on a daily basis, and I cannot survive without Nexsure. Service automation has made it worthwhile.

The agency management system that I had before was very complicated and had many bells and whistles. Nexsure, I have found it to be easier to use. The transition was hard, but it was made easy with Nexsure, having your people come out and be at our agency for about a week.

Nexsure is my lifeblood. If I don’t have Nexsure, in fact, for my disaster recovery plan, I have to be up in 24 hours. Otherwise, I won’t make it. I’ll lose money. As long as I have a computer, if my building burns down, God forbid I go next door, and I turn on my computer, and I’m up and running.

How has the Nexsure Insurance Platform helped your business?

I think Nexsure has helped me be more focused. As I said, I had another software that I wasn’t utilizing, and I was paying a lot of money for it. Nexsure, I’m using the reporting more. The service automation is the thing I like best because it helps me communicate with my customers so that they know when their policies are renewing, and there are more touches. So that’s what I think is worth what I’m paying for Nexsure.

Can you tell us about working with the XDTI Team?

I think the team is first class. You know, it’s as simple as sending an email when you have a support question. The other thing is the user group. The user group is great because your competitors will not tell you how to use the system or what works or what doesn’t work. But through the user group, you learn a lot.

There’s a lot of networking, and again, the people at Nexsure make you feel at home, and they’re very good about answering any questions and getting back to you and making sure that your question was answered.