Maia Koehler, Chief Operating Officer, Worldlink Specialty, LLC
Maia Koehler is the Chief Operating Officer at Wordlink Specialty LLC based in Chicago, Illinois, a full-service aviation insurance firm using Nexsure Insurance Platform’s features for its MGA business.

Can you tell us about yourself and your company?

My name is Maia Koehler, and I’m the Chief Operating Officer of Worldlink Holdings based in Chicago, Illinois. And we are a full-service aviation insurance firm. We have two segments to our company. We have the MGA side, which focuses on program business mainly, and we have the retail agent side, which focuses on major risk, complex risks, and our biggest clients are airlines.

Can you tell us about how your agency uses the Nexsure Insurance Platform?

Our agency uses the Nexsure Insurance Platform in many different ways. The most exciting piece right now is our MGA using it because they’re using the “sub-suite” portion of it. And it’s been really great growing and developing that subs suite portion. It’s created a lot of just great opportunities for that side of the business.

The Nexsure Insurance Platform has helped our business just by creating a lot of extra opportunities. And it really creates that by freeing up our underwriters’ time. They no longer have to spend so much time talking with brokers, quoting things, going over risk because it’s getting put through sub suite, and the brokers can “bind and get documents right there.”

So they’re able to focus on bigger-picture things now. They’re able to focus on just building the relationships, growing the broker base, and developing new programs, which is huge. Working with the XDTI team has been wonderful.

Can you tell us about working with the XDTI Team?

From the beginning, we have always felt like we’ve had a direct line to everybody, from the top to the bottom in the company. Anytime we’ve had questions or concerns, or, “Hey, can you do this, can we do this? Is it a way to make it happen?” There’s always been someone there to help, hold hands, and try to help us figure out, can we do this for you or not. So it’s been wonderful.