ACE-HUB is a cloud-based distribution exchange that seamlessly transmits data from any system to carrier systems via an API, streamlining data exchange with carriers. Dyad’s communication protocol empowers MGAs and wholesalers to input minimal information and receive accurate, real-time rates for any line of business, minimum premium details by class and coverage level, comprehensive underwriting guidelines, and more. By utilizing ACE-HUB, your team can look forward to improved operational efficiencies, paving the way for business growth.

Why Use ACE-HUB?

Reduced Repetitive Data Entry

ACE-HUB enables swift data entry into your system and distributes it to all your carriers instantly, removing the need to input information across multiple platforms.


The possibilities for adapting ACE-HUB to retrieve additional data types are limitless, ensuring our platform evolves in tandem with your business.

Up-to-Date Data and Forms

ACE-HUB delivers real-time data straight to your fingertips, ensuring that MGAs and wholesalers always have the latest rates, forms, or guidelines.

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ACE-HUB is a cloud-based connection point for carrier data exchange