Dyad’s Nexsure Insurance Platform is a single, sophisticated, and scalable platform that supports all players in insurance distribution, including retail agencies, wholesalers, agency networks, program administrators, MGAs, and carriers. Nexsure scales easily as insurance businesses evolve and grow, removing the need to evaluate new technologies to accommodate changes. The platform drives efficient insurance processing, superior customer service, and insightful business management for property and casualty insurance lines, programs, employee benefits, and other insurance products.

Nexsure enables a digital experience throughout the entire distribution and policy lifecycle by connecting the key stakeholders. Automation of critical workflows, such as submission, underwriting, quoting, issuance, billing, and commissioning, within a single solution sets Nexsure apart. With built-in relationship management and automation tools, and real-time distribution partner and client access portals, the Nexsure Insurance Platform empowers our clients to enhance their working relationships to achieve significant efficiencies as they better manage their businesses.

With comprehensive functionality, scalability, and security that meet the needs of all-size organizations, Nexsure’s benefits include:

  • Flexibility and responsiveness
  • Improved relationships with clients and partners
  • Streamlined processes and increased productivity
  • Insight into the business

Why Use Nexsure?

Build Relationships

Manage your company’s relationships and interactions with leads, prospects, clients, and partners.

Streamline Communications

Nexsure enables automated communications and tasks, freeing up staff to focus on revenue building and complex client needs.

Enable Self-Service

Portals for agents and insureds provide access to information on demand, enabling self-service and increasing satisfaction.

Gain Business Insights

Nexsure includes robust reporting and management tools that deliver insights to help you run your business better.

Manage Documents

Manage, organize, and track documents as needed for your business. Nexsure helps insurance businesses keep what they need in their daily operations handy.

In the Cloud with Enhanced Security

Dyad’s Nexsure Insurance Platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud, allowing for rapid scaling to meet your business needs. Your data is completely isolated from other customers. Dyad manages server maintenance, deploys regular updates, and offers 99.9% availability.

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Dyad’s Nexsure is a sophisticated and scalable agency management system...
Nexsure EAI

Nexsure EAI

Nexsure Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a Public API.