Dyad’s PUMAA is a submission intake and underwriting platform that supports rating, quoting and policy issuance. PUMAA allows MGAs, MGUs, and wholesalers to manage their business from data capture to multi-market comparisons to accurate quoting, risk negotiation, and placement. PUMAA also offers full policy administration capabilities.

PUMAA is flexible, accommodating any kind of insurance program or product. The platform easily handles national and local contracts and is configurable to multiple offices, multi-entry products, and across offices for different lines of business. Workflows through PUMAA are easy to customize to allow access for retail agents and insureds or to rate, quote and bind without underwriter intervention if referral rules are not triggered. Automated underwriting can be a reality with PUMAA, which enables rate and policy management across all underwriting steps – letting you set your own rules for underwriting, endorsements, and referrals.

Why Use PUMAA?


PUMAA provides customizable workflows and access for retailers and insureds

Highly Configurable

Configure PUMAA for the way your organization works, so you and your teams can be more productive

Speed to Market

Quickly launch new insurance products and contracts with PUMAA

Integrate with Other Systems

PUMAA can integrate with your back-end systems across administration, the policy lifecycle, and billing operations

Streamline Production

Built-in workflows designed for underwriting allow MGAs, MGUs and wholesalers to simplify production processes and meet goals faster

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