Shirley Schwartz, Consolidated Agency Partners
Shirley Schwartz, Agent, Consolidated Agency Partners, an agency, wholesaler, and aggregator, utilizes the Nexsure Insurance Platform.

Can you tell us about yourself and your company?

My name is Shirley Schwartz, and I work for Consolidated Agency Partners in Reno, Nevada. We are a combination of a retail agent, aggregator, and wholesaler. Our wholesale portion of our business focuses on cyber insurance. Our agency uses Nexsure for everything it has to offer. We are all things Nexsure. I’ve been a Nexsure user for probably 15 years. We push absolutely everything through Nexsure, every process, every request, every communication, every check, every claim. It increases our productivity in ways I just can’t even … I can’t imagine life without it.

How has the Nexsure Insurance Platform helped your business?

There’s really no way to put it into words – what it does for us – because I’ve been on it so long, I don’t know, nor do I want to know any other version of this business. I couldn’t do my job without Nexsure. I couldn’t manage my agency without Nexsure. I don’t think we’d be as good as we are, to be honest, without Nexsure. It’s pretty amazing.

Nexsure has constantly evolved to keep itself ahead of all the other technology and insurance technology in the space right now. And what it does for us is it helps us communicate with our retail agents, which tend to be smaller agents that can’t manage appointments with different insurance markets on their own. And in some cases, they need office staff that they may not necessarily be able to afford. And we can provide them that service with the Nexsure agent retail agent portal. It’s a great two-way information source. It helps them manage their clients. It helps them manage their agency through the portal.

Can you tell us how your agency uses the Nexsure Insurance Platform?

Consolidated Agency Partners uses the Nexsure platform to manage our retail agents’ errors and omissions coverages. Part of our process is because they utilize our services. We have to ensure that they have their own coverage in force, in place. And it’s a really interesting aspect of the system because it allows us to manage the information and make sure that everything legally is in a comfortable place and updated. But at the same time, because of the benefits of the system, it allows us to not worry about it. The system manages the information for us. It’s almost like having a silent employee that I don’t have to pay on the regular. It gives us alerts and manages the data and the information. It’s nice for me as a manager to not have to worry about that part of my job, that Nexsure does that for me. And it puts it in my face when I need it, and I see it, and it’s readily available. And I know when there’s a problem, I can fix it easily.

Can you tell us about working with the XDTI Team?

Working with the XDimensional team is, in summary, great. They’re smart, always willing to listen to my ideas, and always willing to help. No matter how small the question is, or maybe how big it feels to me, either way, they are just ready to figure it out for me or figure a way to make it better. They always make you feel valuable every time you talk to them; whether it be instant messaging, email, or a problem resolution, they’re a team that works together for the greater good. Whether that be the greater good for me or the greater good for them, in the end, everybody has the same goal.