Ted Joyce, Principal, Insurance Agency Services

Ted Joyce discusses how his company uses the Nexsure Insurance Platform to handle both the agency and wholesalers/aggregator sides of their business.

Can you tell us about yourself and your company?

My name is Ted Joyce. I have been in the insurance business since 1975. Our current agency is a hybrid agency, and we work on the wholesale/aggregation side and the retail side.

Can you tell us about how your agency uses the Nexsure Insurance Platform?

The Nexsure Insurance Platform has changed over the years as our agency operations have. Today is slightly different from what we started as we are a hybrid versus being just a strict retail agency operation. The system is used to maintain all of the policy files, as well as the customer files and prospect files. And we work out of it daily. We have a couple of different areas that the system now serves, from the standpoint of retail and wholesale. And the platform is very, very unique in the fact that it can fill both roles simultaneously, which for us works in a great way.

How has the Nexsure Insurance Platform helped your business?

It offers us the ability to do the aggregation wholesale side and the retail side. And that enables us not to have two systems but to roll everything into one system, which is a cost [savings] factor, as well as ease of doing business. The Nexsure platform allows us, from the accounting standpoint, to be able to work on the required reports that we need on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. It also enables us to have a P&L statement that we use again on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. And we roll all these reports out of the system in a pretty consistent manner during those timeframes and then allow us to report taxes.

Can you tell us about your role with the Nexsure User Group?

The Nexsure User Group has been around since 2004. My current role is treasurer; I’ve held several roles with the Nexsure User Group over the years. And the Nexsure User Group was created to help agents network, as well as work with the XD management team.

Can you tell us about working with the XDTI Team?

Working with the XDTI management team and the support team is something that’s rather unique in the industry. We partner with XDTI daily, working with the management team to improve the product. The basis there is it always allows us to be in a position where we are on the cutting edge in the insurance world, and the vector of insurance being tech-driven.