XDimensional Technologies Partners with Confianza
Confianza’s data will support risk intelligence for XDimensional Technologies’ customers

Boston, MA, September 20, 2022 – XDimensional Technologies (XDTI) today announced a partnership with Confianza, a leading data provider for the insurance industry. The upcoming integration of Confianza data within XDTI’s Nexsure Insurance Platform will enable better risk intelligence for decision-making and drive core processing efficiencies. XDTI customers will be able to leverage a robust set of data attributes across a plethora of Commercial and Personal data packages.

Confianza aggregates more than 2,200 detailed information elements on more than 275+ million consumers, 180+ million households, and 65+ million businesses into a virtual common data store. Confianza data is used at the point of sale for risk selection and during the policy maintenance and renewal processes to identify asset changes, premium leakage, and much more.

“We believe we have the most comprehensive, fully linked information store available to the insurance industry today,” said Confianza CPO Bill Costa. “With access to our data, XDTI customers will be able to accelerate digital transformation and increase their premium to bind conversion ratio,” continued Costa.

“We’re excited about the benefits our customers will enjoy from our partnership,” stated Krista Weaver, President & COO XDimensional Technologies. “We were attracted to the richness of Confianza’s data funnel and their ability to aggregate a broad spectrum of information historically sourced from multiple outlets. Generating leads, driving straight through processing, and cultivating a stronger customer relationship for retention and cross-sell activities are just a few ways we envision our customers will benefit from our partnership.”

About Confianza

Confianza, Inc., a financial services datatech startup led by transformative industry experts, provides highly reliable and extensive insights into people, households, businesses, and properties. The Confianza database of America levers proprietary data assets derived from over 50 sources and curated with advanced analytical intelligence. Confianza’s data package products deliver industry-leading accuracy and breadth across the complete customer lifecycle, from micro-targeted lead generation, digitally enhanced customer acquisition, and comprehensive customer 360 intelligence to holistic risk segmentation. Follow Confianza on LinkedIn.

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