XDimensional Technologies Partners with Talage to Provide Customers with Instant Quoting and Binding

The integration will enable Nexsure Insurance Platform users to access instant quoting and binding.

Boston, MA, August 23, 2022 – XDimensional Technologies (XDTI) today announced the integration of its Nexsure Insurance Platform with Talage’s Wheelhouse, a Submissions Management Platform (or SMP) for commercial insurance. The pre-built integration of the Talage API will allow all users of Nexsure – from agencies, wholesalers, and networks – capabilities to instantly quote and bind commercial P&C lines of business supported by Talage.

Talage’s partnership with insurance companies transforms the commercial quoting and binding process through direct API integrations. These connections and advanced technology bring increased efficiency to all players in the channel. With Talage, a single submission instantly receives quotes across five product lines from 30+ carrier integrations.

“As we focused on improving the distribution of commercial insurance, we uncovered a need,” said

Adam Kiefer, CEO and Co-Founder of Talage. “By building an API-driven platform, we are allowing industry leaders like XDimensional Technologies to deliver the best user experience to their customers,” Kiefer continued.

“Talage is a strategic partner for XDTI,” stated Lani Cathey, CEO of XDimensional Technologies. “As a part of our ongoing integration strategy, the ingenuity with Talage is exciting, and we’re looking forward to delivering these capabilities to our clients.”

In addition to being a partner, Talage is also using the Nexsure Insurance Platform.

About Talage

Talage is an API-driven submission management platform (SMP) for commercial insurance. With 30+ carrier integrations, Talage’s SMP offers hubs for all players and is an industry-wide solution. The SMP includes features that facilitate a better customer experience, help increase revenue, and improve efficiency. Talage is the SiMPle solution. For more information, please visit www.talageins.com.

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